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29/06/2017 - Mise à jour (1.25)

Les nouveautés de la 1.25 ont été ajoutées.

Comme d'habitude, si cela a cassé quelque chose ailleurs, faites le moi savoir. Merci.

06/29/2017 - Site updated with 1.25 content

As usual, let me know if this udpate has broken anything. Thank you.



Score given by these tools can differ from those in game by 1 unit. They are rounding matters I cannot deal with. However, if differences are higher than 1 unit, it might be a bug and you are advised to report it.

Arkhyl: Ah, tiens, à propos de tâches rémunérées, les métiers de la pierre n'y apparaissent pas ;-) (09.21.17 7:48 PM)
Amaryllis: ah non, au temps pour moi, je me suis trompé de ligne. Aucune erreur finalement :) (09.17.17 12:09 PM)
Amaryllis: le simu donne une difficulté de 23 pour une amphrose/cascardent. le jeu donne 29 (09.17.17 12:09 PM)
Amaryllis: j'ai repéré je pense une erreur sur les difficultés des ampoules de guérison (09.17.17 12:08 PM)
Amaryllis: Bonjour, tout d'abord, merci pour tous ces simulateurs! (09.17.17 12:07 PM)
aknoth: Ok corrigé (09.11.17 4:00 PM)
Joel_le_sage: bojour, dans les taches remunerees , la salle du grand heron ne raporte pas 7 po mais 5.2 po.Merci de corriger (09.08.17 10:31 PM)
Arkhyl: Pas de souci pour le délai et surtout un grand merci pour ta correction et ton outil ;-) (09.06.17 1:22 PM)
aknoth: Je viens de corriger ces deux problemes. Désolé pour le délai. (09.05.17 5:13 PM)
Aknoth: ok je regarde ces deux points dès que j'ai un peu de temps (08.29.17 9:43 PM)
Mimmy: bonjour, ampoule d'endurance racine + feuille cimenoir annoncé à 4.0 horticulture sur le simu donne 3.5 IG (grosse différence, inhabituelle) (08.28.17 9:41 AM)
Arkhyl: Pour les autres fabrications (moulins, etc, ...) tout est bon, c'est spécifique à l'arbalète apparemment (08.24.17 2:55 PM)
Arkhyl: Pour une difficulté à 33. Sauf que cette config nécessite 38 ingame. (08.24.17 2:54 PM)
Arkhyl: Par exemple, progression ingénierie max 33 pour un métier et une branche à 35. L'outil donne l'arbalète rustique avec un affut en planche d'orme (08.24.17 2:53 PM)
AKNOTH: C'est possible d'avoir un exemple ? (08.18.17 11:09 AM)
Arkhyl: Salut Aknoth, en utilisant l'outil de progression métier, j'ai remarqué que la difficulté des arbalètes était fausse ;-) (08.15.17 1:12 PM)
Aknoth: C"est la clôture en vente à Fauconnia (08.13.17 8:06 AM)
Iludalia: salut, je cherche le plann pour faire un mécanisme délevage, une idée svp? (08.11.17 9:44 AM)
Aknoth: Il s'agit de composants qui reprennent juste les stats de leur matériaux, rien à simuler. (07.25.17 7:37 PM)
Yopsolo: Je n'ai pas vu dans les crafts les affuts et arc d'arbalète. Et ils sont ou, et ils sont ou... ^^ (07.24.17 12:52 PM)
Aknoth: Ok fixed (07.19.17 4:24 PM)
Anonymous: Help the teacher in Hawkoria Archeology task only gives 35 silver, not that much gold. (07.18.17 2:36 AM)
Aknoth: I have changed the mistakes I saw. Let me know if you see some more. (07.17.17 11:23 AM)
Anonymous: None of the income tasks show the correct gold coins amount. Seems very outdated. (07.13.17 2:10 PM)
Aknoth: Abroad for one week, no after sale service / A l'étranger pour une semaine, pas de SAV (07.04.17 10:58 PM)
Aknoth: Compagnons are back (they should) / Compagnons manquants de retour (normalement) (07.04.17 10:57 PM)
Kad: dans ton "bien accompagné" pour le marais il manque le torten éclaireur (07.03.17 4:04 PM)
Aknoth: Gone for hollydays ? I will look into it tomorrow. (07.02.17 8:12 PM)
Danielius: Cerrydwen is no longer listed in Good Company!! what happened to her? :D (07.01.17 4:52 PM)
Anonyme: émérouilles à disparu des compagnons ? (07.01.17 11:57 AM)
Aknoth: @pezant : difficulty calculation for poison is fixed (06.26.17 2:39 PM)
Pezant: The difficulty for using walhein bone poison dart seems to be a bit off in the calculator. 68 is listed but it should be 60. Here's a screenshot: (06.21.17 10:08 PM)
Aknoth: Jacomo ajouté. Jacomo now in database. (06.21.17 1:43 PM)
Aknoth: Indeed, soon. (06.12.17 9:26 PM)
Pezant: Any plans to add Jacomo to the good company list? (06.12.17 8:30 PM)
Aknoth: Differences by just one are rounding issue nothing I can see do. (06.07.17 10:42 AM)
Anonym: Wrong stats for tanning a whip with best component: (06.02.17 2:18 PM)
Aknoth: Abroad until 06/11, keep your bug and question for my return, THX (05.25.17 4:45 PM)
Aknoth: A l'étranger sans net jusqu'au 11/06, plus de SAV (05.25.17 4:44 PM)
Anonym: meep (05.23.17 5:04 PM)
InvictusBR: anyone on ? (05.19.17 12:44 AM)
Aknoth: @lob : it has been added. Anyway i notice megalithic towers scores are not in base yet. It will take me times to add them. (05.18.17 2:55 PM)
Lob: Can you add megalithic and norstrian items in transportation buildings (road, tunnels, etc)? (05.15.17 2:18 PM)
Akak: oh sorry i havent seen that need to report when diffs are 'higher than 1' its np, i thought it a warning that they can differ but we should report all of them, my bad (05.13.17 4:43 PM)
Aknoth: @akak please see disclaimer for rounding issue and your list poblem should be ok now (05.12.17 4:11 PM)
Akak: seems like 68,5->69 not sure reasons (05.11.17 7:57 PM)
Akak: meticouless vial (herbalism) with Maestram is 69 difficulty not 68 (05.11.17 7:49 PM)
Akak: hi, cant use fortified leather from my personal list :( (for e.x. in sci-eng-tink-bellows) - kinda confusing, could have made a cheaper one (05.11.17 4:27 PM)
Aknoth: They are but only when they influence the result (05.10.17 2:53 PM)
dombili: why cables and ingots not included in megamachines? (05.10.17 2:41 PM)
Aknoth: If you want, you can also start a new sheet with tutorials content (05.07.17 5:17 PM)
Aknoth: You can translate some part here : (05.07.17 5:16 PM)
Anonim: how can I help you in translation to Polish language? (05.06.17 2:00 PM)
Anonymous: Indeed (05.03.17 5:40 PM)
Aknoth: @anonymus : you probably had "hills protosensor" selected. Everything is fine with and without it (05.03.17 5:06 PM)
Anonymous: LandDiff is 20, not 15, that's the problem I think (05.03.17 1:16 PM)
Anonymous: Passive gathering in Hills of the Seven Mirrors for Amphrosis : Fir Plank Framework (NPC item)+Cedar Pile Foundation does not work. You need pine framework+cedar pile foundation OR fir framework(npc)+maple pile foundation (05.03.17 1:15 PM)
Aknoth: @akak: i've modified duration format to enable sorting it. Your other suggestions won't be possible. (04.26.17 11:29 AM)
Akak: btw sorting in the 'skill rpogression' window fails kinda - with all those 1hour 5 hours tasks located before 10 minutes etc (04.25.17 10:39 PM)
Akak: that would be 100500eOver9000 awesome if we could use a personal list in a 'skill progression' window or maybe even uncheck recipes (but haveing a list of available recipes is not that needed=alot of work not worth it tbh), but the 1st suggestion is very nice imho (04.25.17 10:36 PM)
Aknoth: @sniq : done (04.25.17 8:56 AM)
Sniq: Gurdismo Norstrian Frame fortification is only 38, not 42. (Could yout update the calculator so that I can verify if castle would still yield 21 accomodation.) Thanks (04.24.17 6:54 PM)
Aknoth: "Rive des trois soeurs" is not in game for the moment (yet, already in database). I will see leather / list problem next week (04.22.17 12:56 PM)
Akak: <- bug with lists (walhein leather doesnt wanna be autoselected (04.22.17 11:51 AM)
Akak: btw, any chance that u know smth about how to reveal the location in grimaldaz: 'Rive des Trois Soeurs'? ic ant find anything on the web:( (04.22.17 11:22 AM)
Aknoth: ok i'm glad to read this (04.22.17 11:09 AM)
Akak: i added to Adguard's whitelist and it works now, im so sorry for bothering tho, thx alot (04.22.17 11:03 AM)
Akak: <- hit exclude items (maybe im doing smth wrong) (04.21.17 2:13 PM)
Akak: <- hit preselect items (04.21.17 2:12 PM)
Akak: thx rad60 is gone now, i cant post pics to off forum cause im playing from steam on loucantar and cant login to forum, but here are 2 pics with results: (04.21.17 2:12 PM)
Aknoth: Rad60 wrong display is fixed (hard one) (04.20.17 3:52 PM)
Aknoth: Can you post some printscreen on theriansim topic ? (04.20.17 2:44 PM)
Aknoth: @akak : i don't know. Your list is working fine when i use it. (04.20.17 2:43 PM)
Akak: also it doesnt allow to save list w/o runes - it always stores rune Rune: Rad 60str (04.20.17 12:01 PM)
Akak: ok now i need help with using those personal lists... i made one by myself, then tried a few times on diff crafts in engi etc to put its name and press preselect / exlude etc - noth works, its either makes all unchecked or 1 material checked... what am i doin wrong pls? (04.20.17 12:33 AM)
Anonymous: whoa thx alot for the tip i was scarried (sry 4 bad english) to modify some1s list (04.20.17 12:06 AM)
Aknoth: @guivou : je pense avoir corrigé les cornes. Elles sont en distributions max au lieu de moyennées. (04.19.17 7:57 PM)
Aknoth: Click on pencil from any list (my full list for example). Then modify the selection and finally enter a new list name / author / security code and click "save as a new list" (04.19.17 3:32 PM)
Anonymous: i dont see any registration or' create' button, and i dont wann ruin other players lists thx (04.19.17 12:28 PM)
Anonymous: Aknoth, here is the question if the history was lost:) 'hi how can i make a personal list pls? i have to check/uncheck the same SO many times:(:(' not "how to use these lists in simulation ?" thx a lot in advance (04.19.17 12:27 PM)